Premier Plastic Molding & Tooling has over 40 years of experience with plastic injection tooling.  We currently have the capabilities and experience to design and supply accurate injection molding tools to meet any of your requirements. 

The quality of the final molded product starts with high quality tooling.  Premier has the experience and knowledge to produce a high quality tool, designed to make your quality molded part.  We have the equipment and capabilities, on site, to keep your tool in top condition.  Quality parts come only from quality tools.

Having vast experience in both tooling and molding allows Premier to help ensure that your part design is both cost effective and functional.  Knowing all aspects of plastic part manufacturing can save you money in both the tooling phase and again in final production of your product.  Let Premier guide you through the process of manufacturing your next plastic part project.

Call us with your plastic needs and let Premier Plastic Molding & Tooling be your quality supplier.


Premier Plastic Molding & Tooling, Inc.
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